The Golden Land Voyage by Pandaw

. Prome - Sale - Pagan - Mandalay - Yandabo - Mandalay - Mingun

The Golden Land Voyage by Pandaw Cruise on Irrawaddy River - Tripadvisor Reviews

The Golden Land cruise by RV Pandaw Cruise: This is a very different Burma cruise. Sailing through the heart of ‘Middle Myanmar’ we pass through a varying landscape. View 145 Tripadvisor Reviews...

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The Irrawaddy river Cruise by RV Pandaw Cruise Map

The Irrawaddy River Cruise Map

Myanmar Golden Land by Pandaw Cruise Photos

Itinerary Overview

DAY 1: Prome
DAY 2: Thayemyo
DAY 3: Magwe
DAY 4: Sale
DAY 5: Tan Chi Taung
DAY 6: Pagan
DAY 7: Yandabo
DAY 8: Mandalay, Sagaing and Amrapura
DAY 9: Mingun
DAY 10: Kyauk - Myoung
DAY 11: Mandalay

Cruise Price Includes: Coach transfer Yangon-Prome (for upstream itinerary only, no bus transfer needed for downstream itinerary), entrance fees, guide services (English language), gratuities to crew, main meals, locally made soft drinks, local beer and local spirits, jugged coffee and selection of teas and tisanes, mineral water.

Cruise Price Excludes: International flights, port dues (if levied), laundry, all visa costs, fuel surcharges (see terms and conditions), imported beverages such as wines, premium spirits and liqueurs, fancy soft drinks like Perrier, espressos and cappuccinos at bar and tips to tour guides, local guides, bus drivers, boat operators and cyclo drivers.

Tripadvisor Reviews 9.8 out of 10 based on 785 votes.