Myanmar Irrawaddy River Cruise

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Irrawaddy River Cruise Myanmar/ Burma, Luxury Pandaw Cruise, Anawrahta Cruises: most recommended by with 2009 reviews by Tripadvisor Members

Mandalay – 2nd Defile – Mandalay by Anawrahta Cruise 8 days from $$$/p

Mandalay – Bagan or vv by Anawrahta Cruise 5 days from $$$/p

Monywa - Mingkin - Mawlaik - Sitthaung - Toungdoot - Homalin vv by Pandaw Cruise   8 days from $$$/p

Mandalay - Homalin - Bagan by Anawrahta Cruise 12 days from $$$/p

Mandalay - Yandabo - Pakokku - Bagan 5 days from $$$/p

Mandalay – Bagan or vv by Anawrahta Cruise 3 days from $$$/p

Mandalay - Mingun - Yandabo - Pakokku - Bagan   8 days from $$$/p

Yangon - Prome - Sale - Bagan - Mandalay - Yandabo - Mandalay - Mingun or vv by Pandaw Cruise   11 days from $$$/p

Rangoon - Danabyu - Prome - Thayetmyo - Sale - Bagan - Yandabo - Mandalay - Mingun by Pandaw   15 days from $$$/p

Myanmar (Burma) seems mysterious to many people and most of the population live in three great river valleys encircled by impenetrable horseshoes of mountains. A Myanmar Irrawaddy river cruise would be a best way to explore all its wonder when you sail on . Myanmar has many Gorgeous pagodas, extravagant temples and lavish shrines. All come together to create a journey filled with sacred luxury. A Luxury river cruises in Myanmar with us show you every stunning stop along the Irrawaddy River, from the dramatic cliffs in Bhamo to the teak forests and elephant camps of Katha and more....