Irrawaddy River by Anawrahta Cruise

. Yangon - Salay - Bagan - Ava & Mingun - Mandalay

Irrawaddy River 12 days by Anawrahta Cruise. Tripadvisor

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Anawrahta Cruise Ayeyarwady Explorer does just that; explore with excursion at all major points of interests along the way by Luxury Anawrahta Cruise

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Itinerary Overview

Day 1: Sailing Day
Day 2: Danuphyu
Day 3: Sailing Day
Day 4: Pyay
Day 5: Thayet and 19C Forts
Day 6: Magwe
Day 7: Salay
Day 8: Bagan
Day 9: Sailing
Day 10: Ava and Mingun
Day 11: Mandalay
Day 12: Mandalay and Check-out

Irrawaddy River Cruise by Anawrahta Cruise Map

Irrawaddy River Cruise Map

RV Anawrahta Cruise Myanmar Photos
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