Exotic Chindwin River by Anawrahta Cruise

. Mandalay - Homalin - Bagan

Exotic Chindwin by Anawrahta Cruise. Tripadvisor

Enjoy Exotic Chindwin River on Anawrahta Cruise. Tripadvisor Reviews

Exotic Chindwin by Anawrahta Cruise This journey brings you to the most popular sites in Burma, with highlights in Mandalay, Homalin

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Itinerary Overview

Day 1: Sailing Day
Day 2: Monywa
Day 3: Moktaw
Day 4: Maukkadaw & Kalaywa
Day 5: Kalaymyo
Day 6: Mawleik and Sittaung
Day 7: Sittaung and Toungdoot
Day 8: Homelin
Day 9: Sailing
Day 10: Minkin and Kani
Day 11: Bagan
Day 12: Check-out

Exotic Chindwin River by Anawrahta Cruise Map

Exotic Chindwin Cruise Map

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